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Terminology and language: how necessary is it? Is there a right or wrong way to use terminology and language in your practice? 

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So I learned tonight that the Nile is made up of O sweat.

Yummy. I think.

Anonymous said: Did women have menopause in antiquity r did they die too young

I’m pretty sure menopause existed in antiquity. Which is not the same as living long enough to experience it. Plenty of people lived to be relatively old. Esp. if you were upper class. So I don’t see why there wouldn’t have been some women who lived to tell the tale.

But if you want something more scientifical:

"Is menopause a consequence of the increasing lifespan of humans, as a byproduct of the industrialization ? We may suppose that menopause appeared in humans because they lived longer thanks to modernization and medicine, what fit with the «artifact hypothesis», that is to say that menopause appeared because women lived longer and the reproductive system gets exhausted [20,21,2]. But as some studies shown, menopause emerged when humans were already organized in hunter-gatherer populations [45]. They argue that the features of our species (large brain, long lives, parental investment in breeding, grandparental support, long child dependency of parents) appeared before the preagricultural history [46]. This a reason why today, scientists test their hypothesis on the evolution of menopause on current hunter-gatherer populations [47] or populations living in developing countries [48]. There is some evidence that menopause in humans did not appeared because of civilization and modern circumstances, or the effect of agricultural and industrial economies [48]: an emergence because of civilization could be too near from today to be the result of natural selection, as he says. So there is a lot of speculations on the date of the apparition of human menopause. Hawkes (1998) recorded three dates for life history changes mediated by increasing PRLS (post-reproductive lifespan): the initial appearance of Homo erectus 1,8 millions years ago, in early Homo sapiens 600,000 years ago, or 50,000 years ago, which is when the Homo sapiens had a huge ecological and competitive success compared to the other Homo.”

The post-reproductive lifespan: evolutionary perspectives.
Pauline Thomas.
Master BioSciences, Département de Biologie, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. 2013-05-01

52 days, 5 hours since Mike Brown was killed.


Almost 52 days after shooting Mike Brown at least 6 times, Darren Wilson enlists police union attorney. On one hand, I find it incredible that he waited this long to engage a union attorney. On the other, I hope this means he now thinks he will be indicted. Maybe that’s why he didn’t do it before now.

99 more days until Grand Jury deadline.

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"The Egyptian believer displays his faith and his devotion in quiet and calm behavior during divine service. The instructions repeatedly call for silence while offering sacrifices in the temple… or while engaged in activities in the necropolis, whose epithet is ‘the place of the quiet.’ The gods - Amun, Wesir, Sobek-Ra - are ‘lords of silence’. The priest whose behavior follows this pattern may take pride in being the ‘possessor of balanced steps’ (qb nmt.t) in the holy of holies and in not ‘raising his voice’."

N. Shupak (1993) 159, H. Frankfort (1948) 66.

mfw my upg of my Father not being talkative is canon

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Similar to the idea of Where’s Waldo, a Tumblr page called Subtle Dildo is posting random, ordinary pictures with a special hidden object. Can you find the dildo?








it’s like Kemetics

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Anonymous said: Do you know anybody who worships Serapis?

I honestly have no clue. Anyone who does is likely more into Hellenistic stuff than Kemetic stuff, so I wouldn’t really know about them.

So any Serapis people, plx stand up.

  • O: Hey friend! You wanna go on a MAGIC CRACK RIDE?
  • Me: Not reall-
  • O: TOO BAD!!!! :DDDDDD

Anonymous said: ik that people HEAR their gods, but do people ever SEE their gods? (on this physical plane)




Ummmmmmmmmmmm they might? But I don’t think so. Usually if you’re seeing stuff as physical as though it exists here in this plane (as in, it looks as concrete as your own body does), I would advise making sure there is no underlying health condition at work, tbh.

Though some people do see lights and other similar things (which can also be an underlying health condition, so be careful). But it usually doesn’t look as concrete as your body would.

Transparent, hazy, hologramish (think “Help me Obi-Wan” only poorer resolution and less solidity), but very much felt like I was legit seeing someone right in front of me. Only see-through and not in the same kind of “high-res” that real solid things have. Unnerving, cause brain also knew there was no one right there and yet. I was /seeing/ that.

Distinctly not the same as “pictures in my head,” which is usually how I “see” spirits.

Some people believe that the Gods have the  power to inhabit a physical form on this plane via a medium or avatar. I would consider that seeing the Gods. I see my Gods in strangers sometimes, and sometimes catch words of advice or comfort from them in this way. 

I don’t personally consider someone who is horsing or channeling a deity to be the same thing as ‘seeing your god’ in the physical. So, YMMV with that.