Devo will be mostly gone until Sunday.

try not to burn the place down while I’m gone <3

And if you do burn the place down, please get a recording of it so I can see.

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And it looked at me quizzically because it didn’t know what a Tumblr was, but it knew that famous was a good thing, so it told me to keep talking.

So a while back, our landscaping crew decided that a couple of trees would be super duper lucky and get rock circles around the base of their trunks….

Some trees are just bitchy, really.

I knew a bush that insisted it was going to be a christmas tree. Like, REALLY insisted. Super excited “OMGI’MMABEACHRISTMASTREESOONOMGOMGOMGOMG!!1111ONEONE”

Lo and behold that December the owners of the house stuck lights and a star on it. 


omg that’s fucking hilarious XD

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How do I know if a dream I had about a deity was the deity trying to communicate with me, or if I was just dreaming about them because I was reading about them right before bed?

Ignore it and see if they come back.

Weird Vision?


K well time for me to sound like a crazy person!
(Hopefully no one thinks this is crazy though because I haven’t really experienced anything like it before?? IDK all this stuff is so new to me)

I was in the shower and I’d closed my eyes and I had what I think was a vision??
 I was in the desert. I saw Ma’at (or perhaps another winged goddess?) and she was pointing to the left. I looked and I saw what I interpreted to be a huuuuuge huge statue of Anpu but then it (He?) started walking away to the right. He did not look at me.

It was weird and I have no idea what it might be about.

Could be a vision, but I’m not entirely sure what it means. I have a knack for seeing things in the shower. I think its because I’m actually relaxing enough to let stuff in.

Also, you may want to post into the #kemetic tag. That way more Kemetics will see it :>

goinqinsane asked: Hi! So I was told by thetwistedrope that you had experience with Aset, do you mind telling me a little about what she taught you or how she has helped you/things among that nature? (I'm sorry if there's a link somewhere but I'm on mobile) Thank you!



Aset I like to describe as Big mama. Sure, she is your mother and wishes the best for you, but will smack you up side the face with a wooden spoon if you disrespect. (and by disrespect I mean anything and anyone including yourself.) 

She will get you to work till you are the best you can be, even till you are in tears. She will force you to also be patient with what you want. You do not get things you are not ready for even if you think you “deserve” to get them now. 

For example… I was unemployed for two years, all my savings had dried up and I was wondering why Aset had “allowed” such bad luck… Why first out of college I got a good job only to have the position cut and now I am struggling?…. well now that I am gainfully employed I appreciate EVERYTHING I have many many times over because of those experiences… more than I would have otherwise. I think it was a teaching/ learning experience. 

I find a trend with Aset kids that they tend to be in teaching professions or working with children. Weather it be on University level or day care…. Or teaching some sort of trade. Take that for a casual observation. 

She has also been a pillar of strength, a role model, and a guide. I turn to her for strength and thanks. She is quite the scary lady when you get to the core of her and but warm and welcoming, she is loyal and protective of her children. 

I hope this helps out a bit, if you want to start a relationship with Her give her some flowers and amber incense…. and just sit down and say “Hi”


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goinqinsane asked: Hi! So I was told by a post that you had experience with Aset, do you mind telling me a little about what she taught you or how she has helped you/things among that nature? (I'm sorry if there's a link somewhere but I'm on mobile) Thank you!


I don’t think I’ve ever been asked about Aset, which is really weird! WELP, my friend, Aset has been something of a stern, no-nonsense, but loving mother figure in my life. She’s-in Her own subtle way-taught me to rely on my own heka a bit. All of my divinations go through Her. She teaches to not underestimate my own strength, my own power, as opposed to constantly relying on the gods.

Now, I’m going to give you a little story, because it’s important I think in understanding what kind of a goddess Aset is. One day, I do believe for Aset Luminous? Or something of the sort? Well I did a reading with Her. Some of the answers came through in a sort of “psychic word in the brain” sort of way. Like I just knew. Well, I asked Her if She was upset with me. She responded yes. Know why? Because She was angry that I kept talking down about myself. It’s a horrible habit due to years of abuse, bullying, etc. I constantly refer to myself as ugly, as stupid, etc. Well, She reminded me of the sheer fact that by saying it, I have created heka. I have made it so. And because She knew that I should feel otherwise. I have made it farther than my abusers not only told me I could, but farther than they themselves could. Those words I took upon myself, used my own heka, and made them so. And so, I believe, the reverse can be done. Now, everytime I want to call myself those things, I stop because I remember what She said, and I also don’t want Her angry with me. The big thing was She did not coddle me, or lay it on me softly. She bluntly told me. And I needed to be bluntly told. 

I hope that helps!

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forceyourway asked: Someone needs to put Set's face on a Sailor Moon transformation sequence gif. I need it for my E-shrine. -nods sagely-

Set Sailor Moon XDDDD

I could see it, most def. I’ll add it to the pile of things to draw.

goinqinsane asked: So very recently I figured out that Isis was trying to contact me, and I wanted to get more information on her, especially personal experience with being a devotee or just in general with her.. But I cant seem to find anyone that works with her.

Yo goinqinsane

My first question is gonna be- is it Aset or Isis? Though the two look similar on the surface, they are technically different deities, as Isis is a hot-pot/hot mess goddess made of a bunch of other deities mixed together and Aset is just another deity that got thrown into the Isis pot. And according to the Fandom, both are Hatmehyt ;) 

That being said, I’ve done some minor work with Aset in the past. I personally have found that she is a lot like her brother, Set. She can be fierce and pushy. She wants her people to strive for better things. And she can have a short fuse. I honestly do think that she and Set bicker so much because they are so similar. She is also historically known to be very devoted, esp to her family. Because of her situation surrounding the birth of her son, she also knows about living in the mud and scraping by. In my opinion, she is a survivor, and she can show you not only how to survive, but how to thrive.

Isis is said to be more motherly, but I’ve never worked with her.

I know that satsekhem has worked with Aset in the past, so you might be able to ask her for some feedback. For information on Aset, I’d probably start with her henadology page.

If any readers work with Aset or Isis, please stand up?


OMFNTRW I swear Bast and Anup have something going on. I offer something to Anup and get approval vibes from both of them what the shit?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Overlap? Maybe they’re both creeping on you.

Used to be back in the day whenever I’d see Aset, I’d also always see Hathor. Like one never showed up without the other standing behind them.

so idk? >.>;;; gods are weird like that.